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Colak Colek Cicah Slalu

Kuah rojak plus nenas.. What goes with kuah rojak
Buah Nanas

Kuah Rojak plus Mangga What goes with kuah rojak
Jambu Batu

Mixed fruits kuah rojak What goes with kuah rojak
Mixed Fruits


Kuah Rojak Buah - Your ultimate fruit partner

What goes with kuah rojak
Gambar nak promote kuah rojak. :)
In this picture (clockwise) centerpiece kuah rojak, buah pelam/mangga, epal hijau, epal merah, belimbing, dan sengkuang. Lebih sedap jika ada jambu batu, jambu air, nenas, betik muda dan kedondong/buah amra or any fruits of your choice.

menjual kuah rojak buah. resipi turun temurun.
boleh order dari kak mimi.

Standard size:

packed kuah rojak

1 bekas (apx 400gm) = RM10.00

How to Order:

Option A
Call or SMS Me: 017 - 777 1888

Option B
Order online. Fill in the order form below. We will deliver freshly made kuah rojak 3 days after a confirmed order is made.

Option C
email :
facebook: (send me a fb message 1st)
Minimum order:    10 packets
Mode of payment: Maybank or COD
Mode of Delivery: will be decided after order confirmation

  • Kuah rojak will be made freshly upon request.
  • Please place your order at least 7 days in advance.
  • Any cancellations please inform as soon as possible.
  • Stockist are welcome.

::Pesanan penjual::
Kalau sedap bagitau kawan, kalau tak sedap bagitau mimi.. boleh diadjust mengikut citarasa anda.

How to order??

Fill out the order form below to order. (Goods will be delivered 3 days after form is confirmed)
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